Why I Must Support Christian Education

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Proverbs 19:27 “Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge.”

It is not a coincidence that Elmwood Baptist Academy exists today. It is not because there are no other options. It is because God has placed this school in this community for a purpose.

Church based educational institutions have been around for centuries. Historical accounts have been found going back to the Old Testament days of schools in the Jewish synagogues. But in America, such institutions are relatively new and many are slipping and losing ground. When I talk to other administrators, principals, and teachers, I am shocked to hear that other Christian schools are either stagnant (no growth) or shrinking.

When I tell these same people that Elmwood is growing and thriving, they too are shocked. They don’t understand why there is such a difference. The 2013-2014 Academic year has by far the largest enrollment in the history of the school. What a blessing! All glory to God for this is His ministry. This is His school.

Let me be honest though. There have been times in these 41 years, when it has been tough to continue in this ministry. Finding good, qualified teachers with the same burden that I have for a high quality, Christian education is not easy. The Christian school movement itself has not always been as popular as it was 40 years ago. On many occasions the financial burden has been a great strain on the church. But if something is right and God-ordered, then we should keep doing it even when it is not easy to do it.

Some people equate a Christian school ministry to that of an atom bomb. Jokes are made, such as, “There are two ways to destroy a church, a nuclear bomb or a Christian school, whichever one gets you first.” While these people are joking they are espousing a viewpoint that is unbiblical and very damaging to God’s work through the local church. I believe God’s word speaks for itself about the need to properly train up children. If God has given us a ministry then we must not shirk the responsibility that goes along with that ministry.

During times when my burden has grown lax or problems with the Christian school have engulfed me, I have reminded myself of 3 reasons why I believe in the Christian school.

Philosophically, I Cannot Do Anything Else.

Proverbs 19:27 states, “Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge.” This verse requires us (parents) to command our children to stop hearing those who teach our children contrary to the Bible. My faith is the most precious thing that I have. I cannot send my children to a Muslim school because the teachers there would teach them contrary to my faith. Neither can I send my children to a humanist Public School because the teachers there will teach them contrary to the scriptures.

Proverbs 22:15 says, “The rod and reproof give wisdom but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.” The older my children get, the happier I am that I did not give up during the tough times!

It is sad to me when parents give their children a choice about one of the most important things in their life: their education. God gave parents the duty of “bringing up their children” not of allowing them to bring themselves up. As a parent, I am to guide my child, I am not to allow them to guide me. (By the way, parents, that means that you have to know where you are going and what goals you have for your children).

Christian schools are not directly found in the Scriptures, but there are various scriptural references and statements to or about schools and schooling done through the churches/synagogues. The biblical command is that we are to train our children in the faith once delivered and not to allow other people to teach our children views that are contrary to our faith. Christian schools and home schools are simply a way to fulfill those commands.

Practically, I Cannot Do Anything Else.

Statistics reveal that one million young ladies will become pregnant outside of wedlock before their high school graduation day. Before they leave high school, 1.2 million boys will become sexually active. One third of all school children will be so poorly educated they will function under their own intelligence capabilities. All public school students will be taught the untenable and unbelievable theory of evolution. Few will learn the undeniable truth that there is more evidence to support the belief that man was really created by God.

Many public school students will not learn to read well and many will not learn to write and think clearly at all. Studies show that of high school graduations, not including those that drop out, 5% of these graduates are functionally illiterate. Only about 50% will learn enough geography to identify the location of places like Chicago, Miami, Forth Worth, etc. Fewer will learn to locate Germany, Spain, or Saudi Arabia.

They will be exposed to violence, crime, cursing to an extreme, drugs, and sexual promiscuity. Often these things will be condoned by teachers and the administration itself! Many school districts now are exposing their kids to homosexuals and will be taught by sensitivity training that alternative lifestyles are a matter of choice.

In 2010 a documentary was made showing the evils of the public school system and how a Christian has absolutely no biblical reason, academic reason, or logical reason why their children should be educated in a public school. The film is shocking to say the least. A trailer of the film has been placed on our website at www.ebabrighton.org. I encourage all parents to watch the trailer and watch the entire film. It will open your eyes to things you did not want to acknowledge were there. Share it with family and friends. Let the world know you are standing up for your children.

If I did not have the conviction from the scriptures, even practically, I cannot send my children into that system.

Purposely, I Cannot Do Anything Else.

I am afraid that most parents do not raise their children on purpose. They simply have no driving purpose that guides their decisions with their home and children. I have one driving desire for my children and that is that they love and serve the wonderful God that I have loved and served.

My prayer and aim is that they either serve the Lord in a full time capacity or be used in a good, Bible believing independent church to further God’s work. I want them to be ambitious and do well in whatever vocation God calls them into, but business is second in my mind, God’s work comes first.

We only have one life and it will soon be past. A hundred years from now it will not make any difference how much money I made. It will make a difference how many souls I led to Christ, how many people I helped guide along the way, and how I served Him for Whom I was made and redeemed!

Ps.127:3 says, “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord.” The word “heritage” means ‘loan.’ My children are not mine to raise for myself, they are on loan from the Lord and I must raise them for Him. With these things in mind, I must choose a school that helps me toward my purpose. I must help my children choose a college that will help me toward my purpose. Money should not be the primary consideration. The will of God must be the driving factor. I would sell my house rather than have my children trained contrary to my faith. I know many, many people who live very sacrificially in order to train their children according to their faith.

We only get one chance to train our children. Their faith and values cannot be taken for granted. They will learn faith and values. The question is, “Whose faith and whose values will they learn?”