What Do Children Do Here?

2013 - Playing on the playground2

We Love To Play!

We can play all the live long day! We have plenty of different toys to play with. We have 8 different "play centers" in each classroom.

2013 - Mrs. Carlson PuzzlesWe Learn!

We are instructed as a group, and teachers assist us kids individually while working on projects. We do worksheets regularly. We learn how to learn, not just academics. We develop manners, problem solving, and self-control!

2013 - Mrs. Lopez K-4We Read!

We have small reading clubs (5 or less) in the 4 year old room. All of us love to have reading time every day when a teacher reads an amazing story to us.

2013 - Art with Mrs. Scarry2We Draw!

All of us do an art project at least once a week. You can see one of them on the home page - we got to paint with our bare hands!

2013 - 2's _ 3's lunchtimeWe Eat!

We get two healthy snacks provided for us each day at 9:30am and 2:30pm. And we get lunch at noon that we bring from home or purchase through the school's nutritional lunch program.

2013 - Playing on the playground3We Go Outside!

We get outside as often and as much as we can (weather permitting), but if the weather is bad, we try to at least take short walks around the outside of the building.

2013 - Mrs. Lehmans K-4 2We Don't Run the Show...

Tantrums are not allowed, and we don't get to do whatever we want. We learn that pleasing Jesus is always more important than getting our own way.

2013 - Around the School_5We Have Fun!

We go home learning new songs and poems weekly. When we learn through music and poetry, we usually don't even realize we're learning. It's like we get to play all day!

One thing I love is how much my five year old keeps his parents in check. I’m amazed at how his brain has the power to hold all the information he has learned, not only for a day, but also from last year. Bible verses just come out of his mouth at the most perfect times. It helps us to remember what an awesome job God has bestowed upon us as parents.

Our children have been attending Elmwood since they were two years old. We are very pleased with the results.

After looking at several preschool options in the area, we chose Elmwood because of the loving, safe, and excellent environment they provide. We are very happy to be at Elmwood.